Want to simplify your business and dramatically decrease your delivery times? I offer editing services to help with everyones least favorite part of a photography business. I'll work with you to match your style exactly, and can handle a wide range of your editing needs.


Lightroom processing (color correction, exposure, basic adjustments) - $.25/image

Minor Removal (blemishes, small background items, etc.) - $1.50/image

Major Removal (larger object removal, etc.) - $5/file

File Overhaul (new backgrounds, changing sky, massive layer edits, extensive hair editing, etc.) - $15/file

Face swap can fall under major or overhaul depending on the file.


Album design - $50, $25 per round of changes


Culling: 1-500 images - $25

500-1000 images - $50

1000-2000 - $75

2000-3000 - $125

3000+ - will quote


Rush fee (48 hr) decided by size of job

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